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PMI Professional in Business Analysis - Certification

Business Analysis, Value & Requirement Management: The PMI® Framework (5 days – 35 hours)

Course Overview:

Business analysis is a topic of growing importance in project management. The marketplace reflects this importance, as project management practitioners increasingly embrace business analysis as a technique for uncovering business needs, managing requirements, and creating effective solutions to business problems.

Business analysis helps you working with stakeholders to define their business requirements so you can shape the output of projects and drive successful business outcomes. Depending on the organization structure, business analysis may be a dedicated position or a hybrid where one person performs multiple functions. Regardless of who performs it, managing requirements is instrumental in the overall success of projects.

This 35-hours seminar is based on PMI®’s “Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide” and constitutes the minimal education requirements for the "Professional in Business Analysis" certification (PMI-PBA®) issued by the PMI® but is not designed as a PMI-PBA® Exam Boot Camp, but as a Project Management and Business Analysis Education Course as specified in the pre-requisites for the PMI-PBA® examination.

Participants will be awarded a Certificate of attendance in accordance with the PMI® Registered Education Program and the Professional Development Program.


Who Should Attend:

The seminar is aimed at all Business Analysts, Project Managers, Program Managers and  project or program team members, as well as all subject matter experts, sponsors, managers who need to understand Business Analysis and its integration with Project Management or conduct business analysis activities for projects and programs, having responsibility for managing requirements for projects and programs.

And anyone willing to pursue the PMI-PBA® certification.

If aiming at the PMI-PBA® certification, participants are expected to have checked their eligibility according to the pre-requisites as stated by PMI®.


About the PMI-PBA® Certification:

The PMI-PBA certification highlights expertise in business analysis. It spotlights ability to work effectively with stakeholders to define their business requirements, shape the output of projects and drive successful business outcomes.


  • 35 contact hours of formal education in Business Analysis (this course)
  • With bachelor’s degree or global equivalent:

        Minimum three years (4,500 hrs) of business analysis experience AND 2,000 hours working on project teams within the last eight years**.

** Working on Project Team Experience: for those holding a PMP or PgMP certification, PMI has already verified that the candidate has exceeded the 2,000 hour requirement. A PMP or PgMP certification holder will not need to enter these hours on the application.

  • The PMP® (Project Management Professional) credential is not a pre-requisite. But a basic knowledge of Project Management is expected. The content of the course has been defined to cover these aspects.
  • Examination: Multiple choice questionnaire, 200 question in 4 hours.
  • Examination outline:


Percentage of items in test

Need Assessment






Traceability & Monitoring





Learning Objectives:

Develop and enhance the contributions you make to your organization by being able to:

  • Working with stakeholders to define an organization’s business requirements in order to shape the output of projects and Programs and ensure they deliver the expected business benefit.
  • Spearhead the discovery, analysis and overall management of the requirements for a project or a Program.
  • Demonstrate sufficient knowledge and experience to appropriately apply business analysis tools and techniques to enable project and program success.
  • Understand and apply Business Analysis techniques for:
    • Need Assessment
    • Planning
    • Analysis
    • Traceability and Monitoring
    • Evaluation
  • Being able to get prepared for the PMI-PBA® certification process, according to PMI’s pre-requisites.


Course Outline:

 Day 1:

  • Presentation of the course agenda       
  • Introductions and expectations
  • The PMI® & Certification             
  • Context and Framework                            
    • Definition of Business Analysis
    • Organizational and Strategic Context
    •  Relations between PMs & Bas
  • Requirements Management
    • Definition of a Requirement
    • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Structure of Business Analysis
    • Need Assessment
    • Business Analysis Planning
    • Requirement Elicitation & Analysis
    • Traceability & Monitoring
    • Solution Evaluation

Day 2:

  • Need Assessment 
    • Value Management                     
    • Identify Problem or Opportunity
    • Assess Current State of the Organization
    • Recommend Actions
    • Assemble the Business Case
  • Business Analysis Planning                        
    • Business Analysis Planning
      & Project Management Planning 

Day 3:

  • Business Analysis Planning                        
    • Stakeholder Analysis
    • Business Analysis Plan
    • Plan the Business Analysis Work

 Day 4:

  • Requirement Elicitation & Analysis 
    • Plan
    • Prepare
    • Conduct
    • Document Outputs
    • Complete Elicitation
    • Issues & Challenges
    • Analyze Requirements
    • Model & Refine Requirements
    • Document the Solution Requirements
    • Validate Requirements
    • Verify Requirements
    • Approval Sessions
    • Resolve Requirements-related Conflicts

 Day 5:

  • Traceability & Monitoring
    • Traceability Matrix
    • Relationships & Dependencies
    • Approving Requirements
    • Baselining Approved Requirements
    • Monitoring Requirements
    • The Requirements Life Cycle
    • Managing Changes to Requirements
  • Solution Evaluation
    • Evaluation Mindset
    • Plan for Evaluation
    • Determine What to Evaluate
    • When & How Validate Solution Results
    • Evaluate Acceptance Criteria & Address Defects
    • Facilitate the Go/No Go Decision
    • Obtain Signoff
    • Solution Replacement / Phase Out
  • Professional Responsibility


Course Duration:  

5 days or 35 hours.

PMI® Credential holders will be awarded 35 PDUs as per the PMI Registered Education Provider Program®.


Cena: 5 900 PLN netto od osoby (+23% VAT)

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